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JDS Lawchambers is the International Corporate member of Law Society of England & Wales.


The genesis of 'JDS Lawchambers' can be traced to its family alliance with one of the Indian sub-continent’s oldest chamber 'Chambers of Dutta & Bhadra'; which carries a legacy and has a long tradition in Advocacy and Soliciting of more than 100 years. The Chamber enjoys its long history and reputation in the legal field both locally and internationally. The Chamber established in the year 1905 by Mr. Ramani Mohan Dutta, was one of the most renowned law chambers in the whole Indian sub-continent. Mr. Dutta was a gold medallist from Calcutta University in English Literature. Thereafter, pursuing LL.B. degree Mr. Dutta practiced Law and was a very reputable Solicitor of the state of Bengal. The Chamber at his time was known for the quality service it was providing to its clients. The legal counsels from the Chamber represented many freedom fighters during British rule in India prior to 1947.

The chamber has produced many renowned lawyers and is also reputed to be associated with other great lawyers of the state of Bengal. Mr. Akhil Chandra Dutta was one of them who also later became the “President of the Bengal Congress” of the undivided Bengal. Amongst other luminaries were Rai Bahadur Bhudar Dasgupta and Mr. Atindra Nath Bhadra. The former was one the most renowned litigator of his time and because of his excellence in advocacy skills and command in law, the British Raj honoured him with the title of Rai Bahadur. In the year 1936, Mr. Atindra Nath Bhadra, the son-in-law of Mr. R.M. Dutta, joined hands with him and took the charge of the Chamber after Mr. R.M. Dutta’s retirement. Mr. Bhadra was a known brilliant Advocate in the legal fraternity of his time. Before his law degree, Mr. Bhadra graduated from most prestigious Presidency College of Calcutta University. Mr. Bhadra also held prestigious position of a Public Prosecutor during the time of British India and has also acted on behalf of the King of Tripura Dynasty (India) during the period of 1942-1965.

After the early and sudden demise of Mr. Bhadra in the year 1971 during a political turmoil, the reigns of the chamber was taken over by his son-in-law ‘Sir’ Nilkhilesh Dutta (Barrister-at-Law). Sir Nikhilesh Dutta was the first one from the independent Bangladesh in the year 1972 to be called to the Bar by the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple. Barrister Dutta currently has a very vivid legal practice in the Honourable Supreme Court of Bangladesh and has also served as the Deputy Attorney General to the Government of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh for a continuous long period of 11 years. For his extra-ordinary contribution, Barrister Dutta was conferred with the most honourable ‘the title Sir’ - by ‘Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II’ in the year 2007. Barrister Dutta is a well known figure in advocacy and knowledge of law. Barrister Dutta’s area of practice includes both civil and criminal. While acting as the Deputy Attorney General, Barrister Dutta was also reputed for his profound knowledge in Constitution law.

Amongst another prominent lawyers associated with the Chamber, one is Mr. S. N. Goswami. Mr. S. N. Goswami is a very well known Advocate in both criminal and civil jurisdiction and is also the Secretary General of the Bangladesh Minority Lawyers Association. Apart from his profound contribution in Law, Mr. Goswami is also a committed Baha’i by faith and serves as a member on various Baha'i organizations. Being a staunch believer in the rule of law and justice, he is also credited with the founding of a well known law journal, and two law schools in Bangladesh. He is the Chief Editor of the said law journal, Bangladesh Law Times which serves as an eye opener on law and justice.

'JDS Lawchambers'; proudly shares the association of Ms. Debshikha Dutta who being the daughter of Barrister Dutta, is the fourth generation lawyer in her family. Keeping the tradition of her family Ms. Dutta is also a Barrister-at-Law from the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, London and a member of the prestigious Bar Council of U.K. Ms. Dutta is also enrolled as an Advocate at the Bangladesh Bar Council. Ms. Dutta being dually qualified, currently looks after the Bangladesh practice as well as the International Legal Practice.